Revamped and MuchMuch Better

June 29th 2013

Special thanks to England, without them this site would never have been redone!

The site has been redone. Old accounts were deleted, threads and bios archived, and most everything has been retyped and basically went through spring cleaning.

Things to Take Note of

There's now a Cbox! A nifty little chatbox so you can talk to people without PMing.

While all old accounts were deleted, bios were archived! If you were a previous member simply PM a staff and they can send you your bio and you may repost it. This also means there are plenty of Cannons open!

The rules have been retyped and added to, so please read them even if you are a previous member.

New members, welcome! We're glad you stumbled upon our site and all the staff are willing to answer any questions you may have

We are looking for some new staff members! Please PM Admin Italy for details

Roleplayer Spotlight

Admin England

Admin England

England gets a special thanks for spending so much time alongside Admin Italy to get this site up and running again! She spent several hours moving and archiving old threads and retyping things.

Thank you, Iggy!

Once a month a new roleplayer will have a spotlight here